Three questions about amphoteric substances

Hey guys!
1.Why HPO3^-2 not amphoteric ? We know that the bonding of hydrogen to an atom with a high electronegativity causes an electron cloud to be drawn toward that atom and H+ to separate from that atom. In HPO3^-2 we know that we have one H atom binded to the O atom which has a high electronegativity (3.5); why can’t we conclude that HPO3^-2 is amphoteric?

  1. Why we can only separate two H+ from H3PO3? We know that we have 3 acidic hydrogen atoms in it… so why cant we separate the third one?

3.why we can only separate 1 H+ from H3PO2? There are 2 acidic hydrogen atoms in it…

@AriHoresh can you help me with this?:pray:t2: