Time allocation, management

How long time do everyone use each below subjects for IMAT during test?
I want to make my plan based on people’s answers.

  • General Knowledge = 12 questions
  • Logical Reasoning = 10 questions
  • Biology = 18 questions
  • Chemistry = 12 questions
  • Math/Physics = 8 questions (combined)

I don’t consider time as a big factor in what I spend. I just know that if I’m taking too long on a question or any long questions I keep towards the end and move on. The first questions I do would be the easy questions of the section I’m good at. Eg: I start with biology. Then I keep going. Most of the long problem solving questions I leave towards the end so I can use the last amount of time to do those calculations knowing that I have answered the ones I KNOW. Also don’t be afraid to leave answers empty, it’s better than answering them wrong. If you have time at the end you can go back to questions you were unsure about. Hope this helps! Ari also has a video on this as well!