TOLC med 2011 buoyancy force


can anyone find 90N and 30N?
i’m having issues with the units since F = kg * m * s⁻² and we have the height in cm and area in cm²

here is how I solved it, don’t mind the blue part I couldn’t erase it ahahha

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U can simply use the F = rho V g equation too

what is the rho in the equation? ik i solved it in a way longer way but i couldn’t remember this one for sure

It’s density.
Pressure = F/A
Or for liquid it’s
P = density(rho) g h
F/A = rho g h
F= rho g Ah
F = rho V g then

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For cylinder, F = rho V g
For cone, F = rho V/3 g

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