Tolc med 2016 q 44 chemistry acid base

answer: B
I understand why it gives an acidic solution but how should I approach this type of question? and what is an oxygenated acid?


and oxygenated acid is an oxyacid, so an acid that contains oxygen, with a general formula HnXOm, where X is a nonmetal or early transition metal and the acidic hydrogens are attached directly to oxygen (not X).

A) False NH3 + H20 = NH4⁺ + HO⁻ the acid does not have an oxygen atom
B) True Cl2O3 + H2O = 2HClO2 with X=Cl a non metal
C) False Al2O3 + 3H2O = 3Al(OH)3 with X=Al a metal
D) False KOH + H2O = KH + OH⁻ the acid does not have an oxygen atom
E) False Na2O + H2O = 2Na(OH) with X=Na a non metal but NaOH is a base not an acid

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