Transferring from Medicine to Dentistry

I’ve been wondering if it’s possible to transfer from a Medicine course to a Dentistry one, I applied to medicine ofcourse, but I honestly don’t see myself working as a doctor but rather as a dentist. So is it still possible to pull off?

Thank you in advance.

Don’t know if a transfer is possible, but if you’d specifically like to work around the mouth. You can be an oral-maxillofacial surgeon. Don’t know much about it, though. If you can’t get an answer here, search Reddit as well,

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hi , im not very sure but from these that i have heard i think that yes you can
dentistry program has only rome and siena
rome has also and medicine but siena not
so if you pass the exam and go to rome you can transfer to another program
this is what ive been told,you can search and ask someone that knows more things or call the university etc
i hope i helped:)

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