Transferring from one Italian university to another Italian university

If I am student of a medical school in Italy and I want to change my university either by transferring to another university or applying(taking imat exam) for that university again.Do I have to go back to my home country to get visa again for changing my university?

Firstly, it is advisable to contact the university directly and inquire about the possibilities of transfer as well as the relevant prerequisites and processes for that particular university.

You may require certain papers such as the IMAT confirmation paper with all of your personal information, as well as the results, your ISEE documentation, your ‘Declaration of Value,’ a copy of your identity card (passport) and codice fiscale, and finally a copy of your high school diploma.

Transferring is fairly common but because each university has a limited number of transfer places available each year, the procedure might be difficult.

After passing your first year at your host university, you can transfer to your chosen university’s second year. For the formal transfer process between two Italian colleges, you do not need to retake the IMAT.

However, some students choose to retake the IMAT in order to get admitted into their preferred institution and then have their past credits validated so that they may be put in their corresponding year afterwards. This is not the official transfer procedure, although some individuals follow it.

This process can range from two to five months, and strictly depends on each University.

Since in this case you’d have to already be in Italy, with your residence permit, and proper documentation, it is highly unlikely you’d need to return to your home country to transfer. Keep in mind you’d be considered a “local” EU student, residing in Italy if you retake the IMAT at this point.

According to some websites, you are able to renew your residency permit for study without returning to your country of origin as long as the document was issued for reasons “of study,” and as long as you are enrolled in a multi-year course.

The renewal application must be in order to continue a course of study of the same kind for which you had obtained the original study visa. Therefore, if you attended the Medicine course in any school, you will be able to transfer and request an extension of your residency permit for another year.

This is the information I’ve been able to gather through quick research, please note it may be subject to error.

I hope it helps, let me know if you have any more questions!

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