Travel to University


I was wondering, how do international people get to Pavia and Parma/Piacenza from their home country? From what I’ve seen, my only option is to fly to Milan/Bologna and then take the train. Is it tiring all this travel? Or expensive?

Also, for students at Parma, do you have accommodation in Piacenza or Parma/other cities?

Milan and then a train to Pavia is the only option.

Linate is the most popular for flights inside Europe, you land, take a 10 minutes bus and then take the S13 train all the way to Pavia. If you land in Malpensa you have a shuttle to central which has a train to Pavia from there. Bergamo is pretty far, you will need to take a 1h train from Bergamo to Milan, and then another train to Pavia.