Travelling and expenses

Is it convinient and affordable to travell from bologna to piacenza daily and are there some travellimg discounts for students?

You could find buses for about 15 euros or less for this travel so that it could be convenient, a train would cost a bit more, probably around 30 euros. Yes, there are student discounts but in your region, not between regions. You can check out the prices on an app called “Omio”
That’s what I know, but Cole knows a bit more as he lives in Parma

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Some people in my class do this commute every day, and while it is difficult, it is not impossible. Is it convenient? Our first-year schedule was 10:30-5:30, so you would have to leave around 8:30am-ish and get home at 7/7:30 pm. The first semester is online and so you can follow remotely but attendance second semester is mandatory. In terms of cost: they have monthly train passes to help save you some money which are ~100 euro I think. You would also have to take the bus in piacenza (pass is 30 euro a month or 150 a year).


Thanks for clarifying!

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