TSA 2013 question 22

Criminals often give themselves away by their lifestyle. My neighbor is a criminal because he bought and is living in a very expensive house, which i know he could not afford as he is officially working only in a poorly paid job.
Which of the following most clearly parallels the reasoning used in the above argument?
A) The cat keeps bringing mice into the house. He never eats them, so i assume he hunts them either because that is his instinct or for pleasure.
B) It is impossible to write more than four pages in half an hour. You have just handed in seven pages of writing. You must, therefore, have spent longer than half an hour on it.
C) The bank was extremely wall guarded and robbing it would require careful planning. The thieves who broke in yesterday must have spent months planning every detail of the crime.
D) All my friends save money through the year and then go on holiday. I am saving every month, so i think i should be able to go on holiday soon.
E) If the police want to identify criminals they need to watch how they are spending their money. They do want to catch them, so they watch out for people buying cars or houses they cannot legally afford.

Hi @ColeF1
The answer for this question is B).
Usually i break down the argument into a sequence (example: if x then y. no x so no y.) and find the answer that follows that same sequence.
However i’m not able to apply this technique here.
How can i solve?

Thank you!