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So I basically made a huge mistake and I would really appreciate if anybody here could help. Because at the time I was not sure of how the ‘Scrolling process’ works, and I was in a rush to not miss the deadline, I only selected my first-choice Uni, and left the other ones blank. In the previous week I tried to ask several people exactly how the entire process works, and I figured out that if I do not get into my first-choice Uni, than basically I won’t be able to study anywhere else.
I am desperate to know whether there is someone I could contact in order to fill my other choices, or at least add 2 extra ones, because I worked very hard for this, and I feel like there was no official source that actually describes how this process works.
Please let me know if there is anything I can do, perhaps even after the IMAT is taken, or while I am in Milan where I am going to take the test

Did you check the website and go to your profile to see your university choices to pick the other ones/ I believe you can pick more choices but you cannot change your first choice, just try it and see

Unfortunately no:( I tried. I think the deadline is the same for all. But I still hope there is a way to contact an institution and change that even though I can’t do it only.

You should try writing an email to the universities you wish to add to your list to see if they can still consider you however the course is very very competitive, did you try looking for backup courses that start in the January term? But you shouldn’t worry as long as you try to do your best in the exam you can definitely make it! :))

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Honestly I had no idea about January term. How are they working?

I believe some universities have different degrees that could start in the January term however they are limited just check on the websites and keep looking!!

hi! @alexia1103
i had to contact cambridge a few weeks back, they gave me to this email of the UniversItaly team:
They deal with anything related to the website and inscriptions, they answer pretty quickly and i’m sure they deal with cases like these all the time

Also, you said it yourself, you worked very hard for this!
Have faith that all of that hard work will help you get into your first choice school!!

I know it’s hard to do but try not to think about what will happen if you don’t pass, there’s no need to put that extra pressure on yourself, and it could impact your studying and your confidence in the exam

We still have some time to improve, keep practicing and asking questions in the forum, i’m sure you’ll do great! :smiling_face:

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Thank u so much @Juliette! You have been of great help<3
It’s so kind of you to try to lift my morale, this situation really did upset me because it’s hard enough having do deal with all the stress before the exam, now knowing that I only have one option, it makes it even more difficult.
Nonetheless, I reaaally hope to fix the situation with the team from Universitaly, I am going to write them an email on the address that you suggested and just hope that they will understand:(

Thank u so much again, hope everything works out the way you want to with the exam!<3

Thank you!! and good luck i hope they’ll understand!