University of san raffaele

Hey guys,
Is there any one preparing for san reffaele university admission test?
I want to know what matterals to study.


From what I’ve seen online San Raffaele offers paying courses and exam simulators, I have not found any publicly available past papers.
In my opinion the best thing you can do is pay for their study material, as it is best practice for their specific exam syllabus.

It’s always a good idea to practice using IMAT, BMAT, test di medicina, IB past papers, since the syllabus is close enough and it will get you used to solving multiple choice questions in timed conditions.

I have found this sample paper (only logical reasoning section) by the Università Cattolica, another Italian private school offering their own test and English program, similarly to San Raffaele. This could give you an idea to the difference in syllabus between IMAT and private entrance exams.
Cattolica Logic Questions.pdf (593.7 KB)