University Selection confusion

As a. Non Eu. I have just confussed with the selection of my first preferred university… Whether it would be better to choose university of messina or napoli cv or fedrico II

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The “better” University is a subjective matter, if you would like to compare the 3 the best- you could look at our University Comparison. Or, you could post a thread on the “Ask University Students” and make specific questions students from each of those respective Universities could answer for you!

Otherwise, it could be a good idea to look into their websites, or videos and further information online to help narrow your decision down.

I hope this helps. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I wouldn’t choose a southern university. I got enough students over the past three years who got admitted into southern universities just because it is easier to get into but are now “trapped” for the next six-year in a city and university they don’t like.

I heard better things about Messina than Napoli, so if I had to choose between all of these, I’d go to Messina.


Nd wht abt Bari…is it same though as all southern universities…or it can be better than messina

I don’t know much about Bari. Is there a reason you are interested in southern universities?

No not much… but just a citizen of tropical country i prefer to live in hot nd humid climate rather than staying in extreme cold weather cities…which is maximised in northern site… nd tbh southern universities r much much easier for entry … as i had listened all the universities in italy has same education qualities so i am looking for cities that will be suitable for me to stay

And Is it would be ok to wait for MIUR Official decree 2022 or do my pre registration now…

I understand, personally, I prefer warmer weather as well. Messina is a great option, I wouldn’t go to Napoli from what I got to hear.
I have to disagree on the level of education, it varies between the north and the south.