Vagus nerve bio

which one of the following is not correct about the vagus nerve?
A. it is a cranial nerve
B. it contributes to the innervation of the viscera
C. it acts to increase heart rate
D. it has both a motor and a sensor component
E. it acts t decrease blood pressure
I thought the vagus nerve contributed to controlling the heart rate in need. can someone explain?
the question is from alphatest 1200 quiz, biology question 112


the vagus nerve is part of parasympathetic nervous system, it decreases heart rate
in french we also call it the “vagal brake” since its comparable to the brakes on a car

when we need to increase the heart rate we “lift our foot off the brakes”, increasing heart rate a little, BUT mainly it allows the sympathetic nervous system to take over and really increase heart rate
So the vagus nerve is not DIRECTLY responsible for increase heart rate and it’s not it’s main function

Also looking at the options you know the answer must be E) or C) since they are opposite right???


oh! I think i confused between the parasym and sym nervous systems
thanks for the explanation!
and if this nerve is found in parasympathetic nervous system then as it’s job is to rest and digest it means it acts to decease the blood pressure making choice E right


Yes! i agree it should be E) correct and C) incorrect, answer for this question :wink:
Thanks for seeing my slip up

no i was saying as it is correct E should not be the answer. the question is asking for the wrong one