What to study now?


Should I use study planner and study biology and chemistry whilst reviewing maths over next 2-3 months before doing course?

Or do biology 1st then chemistry

Also I haven’t finished studying physics with physics for dummies books and sat book and don’t know when to study it


Hi! I would definitely recommend you to start focusing on biology/chemistry and start the planner as it will take you like 2 months to finish it and then start the course, which Ari recommends to start 3 months in advance to the exam. At this point we are almost in April and I would strongly advice you to start focusing on biology and chemistry now. In my opinion, it’s very important to make sure you give more attention to the main topics of the exam (I’m saying this to make sure you don’t spend too much time on maths/physics and then realise you don’t have enough time to cover everything on biology and chemistry, as these 2 subjects are more important) Good luck :slight_smile:

Do you suggest I learn them separately like 1 month bio and 1 month chem or together?

I’m using notes not anki so how do I review bio so I don’t forget it?


And also how much time do you suggest I spend on maths and physics everyday while learning bio and chem?


Hey Esther!

Firstly, sorry for the late reply!

Ari’s planner suggests doing maths first and then chemistry so you should do that!

Regarding the fact you don’t use anki flash cards and you use notes I have some suggestions for you on how to remember the notes. The technique that works best for me is the Feynman one where after learning your notes you teach them to yourself or to someone else, basically you explain the topic out loud to yourself or an audience (someone else or even to a toy for example). You could also try doodling on an empty page while reading your notes and then put everything away and write down everything you remember. Or something very similar to anki cards, instead of writing down notes from a book, try to ask questions and then write down the answer so then when you revise you’ll ask yourself the question and give yourself the answer (for example: instead of writing about mitochondria role, write what is the role of mitochondria? And then write the answers so when you revise you can ask yourself the question). Now I’m not saying to use all the methods I mentioned, we are all different and some methods can work for some but not for others, so try them and see what works best for you and stick to the one that feels best for you!

Regarding on how much time to spend on maths/physics unfortunately I cannot give you an exact time, you know yourself best and how you work, your schedule etc, but as I said before please make sure you allocate enough time to biology and chemistry.

Hope this helps and good luck :slight_smile: