What would 1000 in base 10 be in base 9? [BMAT-2021]

In base 9, each digit increases by a factor of 9, the unit’s digit would stay the same, whilst the 10s digit would be the 9s digit, the 100s digit would be the 81s digit and so on. Additionally, only 9 digits are used (0-8) 121 in base 9 would be 100 in base 10 (81 + 18 + 1).

What would 1000 in base 10 be in base 9?

A. 1230
B. 1331
C. 1453
D. 1501
E. 1672


i hope my answer makes sense to you, i didn’t learn this in english so its a bit difficult for me to explain, hope this helps!

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Thank you @Juliette_Touati
1. Divide the given number (which is required to converted i.e 1000) to the new base (like in this case 9)
2. Note the remainder. And divide the quotient again with new base (i.e 9).
3. Repeat the step 2 until a unity quotient is obtained.
4. The remainders arranged in reverse order will be the answer in new base.

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