Where can i find question banks

I finished most of the subjects last year and even finished most of the question banks like BMAT 700 or alpha tests. I wonder if there are any other question banks that I can find online or even buy from amazon that I can practice my knowledge for. I want it, especially for chemistry and biology.
I am also using the portal and solving questions but I feel like I need a few more questions for biology.

Hey Nihan! We are aactually working on a question bank ourselves! It willl be published in 5-6 months, early enough to practice a lot of questions before the exam

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Im in the same situation as you, I would recommend using past IB and A-level papers to practice if you haven’t used them already

If you can read Italian I recommend Editest medicina odontoiatria veterinaria 12000 quiz
If not I know Editest has a similar book for IMAT in English with 2000 questions

Let me know if you find a good ressource for practice questions!

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