Where to find practice questions... besides past papers

Hi guys,

I think I will finish going through all my resources on practice questions very soon. I went through all of Artquiz Giallo and BMAT and I don’t know where else to find MCQ for biology and chemistry. For maths and physics I still have some resources, but for bio and chem I’m honestly lost. I’ve been going through past papers of the IMAT, BMAT and the TOLC-MED and I plan on redoing them. I’d still like to have an additional book of practice questions.

I don’t know what to do since I want to practice more closer to the exam and since I think that’s the best thing to do… Please if you have any recommendations :pray:

Thank you a lot!

Did you try BMAT Ninja? If you’ve finished BMAT Ninja as well then I’d say just sit back and relax and wait for the test date :grin: Look up IB Paper for Chemistry & Biology (They have HL and SL, I guess the former stands for High Level, and the latter Standard Level). I’d say their thermodynamic excercises are quite on par with last year exam.

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