Which ventricle is bigger?

Hi everyone!

is the left or right ventricle bigger?

i see some conflicting information online,
i know for sure that the left ventricle has thicker walls since it needs to pump blood to the entire body not just nearby lungs
But which holds the most volume? it seems many sources are contradicting each other

What do your textbooks say?
and more importantly what do you think cambridge considers???

Thanks :smiling_face:


Hi! In terms of the volume the ventricles hold, they hold the same volume of blood (about 85 mm3). They say the left ventricle looks bigger due to the thicker, more muscular wall and in some diagrams you can see it points a bit towards that side. The left ventricle you can say pumps more volume PER UNIT TIME, due to higher pressure and therefore higher speed.

Hope this helps! :))


stating “per unit time” is incredibly important, thanks Raya. it is a possible trap material!!


agreed!! I always try to look for key words like that!! :))