How to write good flashcards?

Up to now I’ve been like rewriting most of every chapter in my pearsons book and learning like whole texts in the book with the pictures when i’ve been preparing for test.

When you learn the chapter and make flashcards - How do you do it?
Do you make a summary of chapter 1st and then write flashcards or just write flashcards with questions about the most important concepts in chapter you remember?

Looking forward to a reply :slight_smile:
Esther Whitaker

Hello Esther!

In the next few months, I will upload a dedicated section on how to create effective flashcards for the exam.

For now, here is a great video with some tips on how to make good flashcards

Best of luck!

oh ok thanks ari

Its just coz I have difficulty noticing which info is important on pages in pearsons biology chapter
Do You think I should do a summary of all the biology and chemistry chapters 1st before making the flashcards?
Many thanks

It depends on how you make the summary, if you want, try to make one and scan it here, so I can review it and give you some more concrete tips and feedback on it.
It’s easy to get carried away and spend too much time creating a summary.

Oh So you don’t have to make a summary before you do flashcards?

Many thanks

I usually make flashcards as a form of summary. My flashcards are just a summary divided into many flashcards.
But making a summary before making the flashcards, as seen in the videos, might prove beneficial. Try both methods and see which works better for you when you recall the material later.

Ok thanks for your help again ari

Of course! Best of luck!

Hi ari

I tried to summarize chapter 2 but I have 7 pages here (the same number of pages as chapter 2 in pearsons book)

Do you think I should summarize it again?

How do I scan it to your website? Or do you mean take a photo of it?

many thanks


Download an app called “CamScanner”, scan the paper using your camera and upload the PDF as a file, attaching it to the reply.

Looking forward!

Thanks for taking your time to do this for me ari.
Esther Whitaker
Chapter 2 Biology IMAT 2023 Summary.pdf (9.2 MB)

Hey! It’s my birthday tomorrow, so I will be offline until two days from now, then I will review it! :read:

Oh sorry I didn’t want to bother you
Have a nice Birthday!
Thanks for your help again

Esther Whitaker


So a bit of feedback on the notes

  • I see you use mainly the classic "“linear” note-taking method, I highly suggest adding some more diagrams and arrows and maybe seeing where you can save some words and instead make an illustration that will cover the same material.

  • You mainly note down the “answers” of the flashcards, but it’s a bit unclear what was the original question or what led you to write down that fact. I would try to split the page into two parts using a vertical line, one area is 20% of the page, and the other one is 80%, so in the smaller area, you write down the question and the subject/idea and in the other side you write down everything you know about it from the subject

For example
2 crucial steps of meiosis | Meiosis has two crucial points, which are Y and X
| Y - [explanation]
| X - [explanation]
What happens after the previous step | [notes and explanation]

I hope it makes sense!
Doing that will make it much easier to convert everything into flashcards later on.

Ok thanks ari
But for the amount of info I’ve written down wouldn’t I just be getting thousands of flashcards from 1 chapter?

Do you suggest I summarize all my biology & chemistry notes or the actual chapters like this again?

Do I do this now or in several months?

many thanks
Esther Whitaker

Hey! I don’t think you will make more than 150-200 flashcards from each chapter, you should end with 4-5k flashcards for the entire subject eventually.

ok thanks ari

I’ll do this now then

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You can upload the apgk fille (Anki file) here if you want, so I can also review that.

oh like you mean I should already then do my flashcards in anki after I’ve used this method?


How do you create flashcards from the summary?