Is there someone who did Alevels and is currently a med student?

If so, I’d be really greatful if you could share how u prepared for it. Did u stick to your own Alevel books pr did u switch to other books such as IB?
Secondly what is THE best practice question book for bio and chem for imat besides the past papers?

Hey there,

Check out this post, it might help with one of your questions.

When I first studied for the imat I used A levels, and the second time I wrote it I used mostly IB. Pearsons IB was a clearer textbook in my opinion (than Cambridge A and AS level bio) but the level of content is relative to the exam. I think if you used A levels in high school and already have that foundation then maybe you are better off sticking with it (we are a month out, it would be impossible to finish all IB level).

Thanks for the advice!