Questions about Pearson's Biology content

i have a few qs on whether or not i can skim thru these contents or if they’re important to know for the exam:

how thoroughly should we know the structures for: nuclear envelope, mitochondrion, cytoskeleton & chloroplasts?

do we need to know specifics of the flagellum & cilia or is knowing their functions sufficient?

how important are the different experiments which have resulted into different scientific breakthroughs? do we have to know the specific ege. radioactive isotopes used in them?

thank you!

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My advise would be to take a look at past paper questions to have an idea of the depth of knowledge we need, in my opinion cell structure questions are pretty general, except for the mitochondria and chloroplast since we should know cell respiration and photosynthesis.

For experiments we don’t need to know the specifics, here is an example question:

Can you kindly tell how to solve the question that is included on screenshot @Juliette

Yes! if you click on “bio cell dna” you will see the original post and my answer below it