IMAT Past Paper Worked Solution (For Free) - 2011 to 2020

Hey everyone! Ari is here. We are slowly working on worked solutions to all of the past papers. We are a team of medical students, biology graduates, maths graduates, and engineering students with a lot of experience in these subjects. We want to help you as much as possible! You can use this post to access all of the past paper worked solutions.

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IMAT 2011 Worked Solutions

Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and General Knowledge

:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q1 [UN Security Council members]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q2 [Father of Western Medicine]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q3 [Amnesty International]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q4 [Different colored balls]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q5 [Friend’s Children]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q6 [Local Swimming Pool]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q7 [Greek State]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q8 [Dante Alighieri]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q9 [Enlightenment]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q10 [Security Guards]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q11 [Printing Company]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q12 [Teacher in School]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q13 [Conclusion | Birds, Human and Apes]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q14 [Assumption | Young Drivers]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q15 [Flaw | Old Public Buildings]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q16 [House Numbers]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q17 [London Round Trips]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q18 [Local Supermarkets]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q19 [Conclusion | Carnival]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q20 [Arguments | Left Handed]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q21 [Conclusion | North America 1800s]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q22 [Taxi Driver]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q23 [Electricity Generation]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q24 [Pie Chart]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q25 [Conclusion | Workers]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q26 [Assumption | Migratory Birds]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q27 [Flaw | Mobile Phones]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q28 [Cousins]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q29 [Ages and Sports]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q30 [Apples]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q31 [Conclusion | Fast Food]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q32 [Arguments | Medical Advice Reseach]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q33 [Flaw | Overweight Concern]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q34 [Peter’s Age]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q35 [Small Change]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q36 [Fishing Club]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q37 [Conclusion | Legal Documents]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q38 [Assumption | Vaccines]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q39 [Chain]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q40 [Rats and People]


:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q41 [DNA Sample]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q42 [Water Properties]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q43 [Polysaccharide]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q44 [Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cells]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q45 [Mitochondria]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q46 [Chromosomes]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q47 [Oxygen Food Burning]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q48 [Glycolysis]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q49 [Muscle Cells]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q50 [Haemophilia]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q51 [Cross Over Values]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q52 [Dihybrid Cross]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q53 [Base Sequence]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q54 [dna components]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q55 [Natural Selection]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q56 [Neurons]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q57 [Ventilation]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q58 [Brain and Pancreas]


:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q59 [Periodic Trends]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q60 [Bond Formation]
IMAT 2011 Q61 [Organic Chemistry]
IMAT 2011 Q62 [Benzene Rings]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q63 [Yield of Copper]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q64 [Periodicity]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q65 [Reactions]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q66 [Electron Number]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q67 [Transition Elements]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q68 [Sodium Chloride]
IMAT 2011 Q69 [Oxidation Reduction]

Math and Physics

:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q70 [Simple Harmonic Motion]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q71 [Forces]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q72 [Entropy]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q73 [Resistors]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q74 [Density]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q75 [Law of Gravitation]
IMAT 2011 Q76 [Probability]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q77 [Largest Value]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q78 [Integers]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q79 [Joining Graphs]
:heavy_check_mark:IMAT 2011 Q80 [Semicircular]

IMAT 2012 Worked Solutions

Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and General Knowledge

IMAT 2012 Q1 [Conclusion | Government Programmes]
IMAT 2012 Q2 [Flaw | Arson]
IMAT 2012 Q3 [Conclusion | Nicotine]
IMAT 2012 Q4 [Assumption | Television Programmes]
IMAT 2012 Q5 [Water]